Make a neon labyrinth that you can walk at night

Walking a labyrinth is very similar to meditation. You clear you mind and try to think of nothing except each step towards the centre. If you do it with a friend, one can lead the other and whoever is led can close their eyes. It shows trust but also it speaks to an inner child as we give up control to another which in turn allows us to focus on minute details in our environment.

There are many ways to make a labyrinth and I will cover some other, hopefully novel, ways in future posts. However, one of the simplest and most effective is the following set up.


  • a box/tube of 100 glow sticks (you can buy them from Amazon for less than £10 –use 200 for a much brighter glow)
  • one beach
  • a stick to draw the labyrinth in the sand


Arrive at the beach just before sunset and begin to draw the labyrinth using one of the guides below. Quickly fill the grooves of sand with glow sticks, cracking them as you go. Don’t forget to take them away with you afterwards. Once it has got dark your labyrinth will glow like a technicolor vinyl record.




If you construct a labyrinth like the one I’ve set out, or in fact any kind at all, I would love to hear from you and know more about your creation and also the motivation behind it.