A change of direction: virtual worlds

I just wanted to signpost a change of direction for this blog.

The blog will now focus on virtual worlds, and some of the interesting insights, peculiarities and problems they churn up. I have a range of interests in this area, and they might not all be yours, but hopefully there is enough overlap to keep you interested and you might find some new ideas to chew on.

A short list of things this will cover:

  • virtual reality
  • Interactive Fiction (including text adventure games)
  • simulation theory and the multi-verse
  • the second person (perspective)
  • game theory
  • agency and immersion
  • time and narrative
  • the uncanny
  • the Turing test (chat bots and A.I.)
  • mazes in videogames
  • Baudrillard
  • J.G. Ballard, and other Science Fiction authors

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